Tuesday, August 30

Journal Entry One

Bad Type

Here is an example of bad type, it is in a CD booklet from the band The Kills. This type appears to be the default settings from the computer. It also feels like it is not apart of the artwork, like it is just thrown into it without taking the design or layout into consideration. The type throughout the booklet is like this, except in some cases where there is handwritten text, which works a lot better than this boring type. All of the artwork in the booklet was created by the band members themselves and I think that is what separates true, trained designers from the people who just pick up a couple computer programs and a digital camera.

Good Type

Well I finally was able to upload my image of good type. I feel that this is a example of good type becuase it flows together so well. The text goes in and out of a larger letter S in the same typeface. You can tell that the designer took the time to make sure the spacing is perfect. The real print of this image is much better than the scanned version here. But you can still tell that it is an example of good type